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UTZ PROPERTY MANAGEMENT provides our clients with the management solutions that help their residential, commercial or HOA properties operate smoothly, increase desirability and enhance value.

UTZ HANDYMAN & REMODELING provides homeowners with innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service. MHIC 130188


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From their unsurpasssed knowledge of the area to their thorough follow-through and excellent marketing strategies, UTZ REAL ESTATE are the expert professionals more and more residents and businesses rely on to deliver the successful results they are looking for/

UTZ Real Estate
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UTZ Properties is made up of three divisions: Real Estate, Property Management, and Handyman & Remodeling. UTZ Properties was strategically designed to meet the multiple needs of clients, basing business on the premise of creating long lasting professional relationships. UTZ's clients are able to benefit from piece of mind knowing their properties are being handled from every aspect.